Whisky Bar Cocktail Party

  • Published: March 1, 2017

Whisky Bar Cocktail Party

Event Date: July 2016

Event Details: Cocktail Party

1 designer, 8 crew, 1 Florist, 4 trucks

Working with the team at Peter Jones Special Events, Empire Red transformed Melbourne Park into a luxurious whisky bar. With the use of lighting, texture and colour we set out to design a space that cried ‘luxe’. A sophisticated, moody and mysterious whisky bar was the final result. 

Firstly, a pallet of blue velvet, leather, copper, mirror, brass and crystal were selected as the base of the design. Set against a black velvet backdrop, these were the perfect elements to bring this whisky bar to life.

Crystal chandeliers glistened down the centre of the room. Accenting the grandeur of the space was an enormous floral arrangement. This feature arrangement reached up, almost touching the chandeliers that were suspended from above. The custom service bar was designed especially to include bevelled mirrors, pressed metal copper detail and tall gloss black columns with shelving to display crystal decanters. In addition, vibrant green Kentia palms were added at either end of the bar. These plants provided a touch of authenticity and contrast to the look. 

Custom-made velvet padded wall sections framed the lounge sections and add depth and texture. Not only did the velvet walls create intimacy they were also a fantastic canvas for the moody lighting. The dusty blue was the perfect backdrop to the warm tan tones of the large Chesterfield lounges. Soft light was also important to create ambiance. So, table and floor lamps were used to create warm pockets of light. 

Flowers and fruits depicted in old Renaissance Flemish paintings inspired the style for the floral arrangements. As a result crystal cut vases coupled with urns and even a tiered stand were used to display the flowers. Showcasing various rich dark reds and burgundies, they were soft and flowing with the help of tulips and peppercorn foliage. In addition, the arrangements included rich fruits notably apples, cherries and passionfruit for abundance and lusciousness.

Finally, a selection of furniture was chosen from the range at Placesettings and Valiant Hire. This included copper pressed metal front bars, Chesterfield lounges, leather upholstered stools and modern Baroque high bar tables. Especially relevant for this whisky bar styled cocktail event. Most importantly this was another very special collaboration with the PJSE team. 


Event Management: Peter Jones Special Events 

Venue: Melbourne Park

Event Design: Empire Red

Furniture: Placesettings for Hire  and Valiant Hire

Floristry: Empire Red

Photography: Vicki Jones – VJP